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Passing Assets and Accounts to Your Heirs Is About To Become Much More Difficult

June 6, 2024

Via: JD Supra

If you are in the process of long-term estate planning or updating an existing estate plan, the process for passing assets and accounts to your heirs is about to become much more difficult and expensive. Presently, each individual can pass […]

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Tax-Deferred or Tax-Exempt Retirement Accounts: What’s the Difference?

July 19, 2022

Via: Investopedia

When you’re thinking ahead to retirement, tax planning should be part of your decision-making from the beginning. The two common retirement accounts that allow people to minimize their tax bills are tax-deferred and tax-exempt accounts. To be clear, both types […]

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Supreme Court rules for Facebook in dispute over texts; justices spar over ‘series-qualifier canon’

April 1, 2021

Via: ABA Journal

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled for Facebook on Thursday in a dispute over the reach of a law that restricts calls to cellphones made with an “automatic telephone dialing system.” The high court ruled that the provision in the Telephone […]

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This Payment Model Will Keep Clients Satisfied and Bank Accounts Full

April 19, 2019

Via: Entrepreneur

Every business needs to make money, but not every founder knows how — or when — to collect it. Cash flow problems are one of the top startup killers. Still, many business owners get so focused on delivering a great […]

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Accounts Receivable Aging Report: The Ultimate Guide

June 11, 2018

Via: Fit Small Business

An accounts receivable (AR) aging report shows all unpaid customer invoices grouped by the number of days outstanding. If you use an online accounting software you can create this report in a few minutes. Otherwise, you can create it manually […]

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Accounts Receivable Financing

May 23, 2018

Via: Investopedia

What is ‘Accounts Receivable Financing’ Accounts receivable financing is a type of asset-financing arrangement in which a company uses its receivables — outstanding invoices or money owed by customers — as collateral in a financing agreement. The company receives an […]