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Court Says Texas Law Prohibits Sexual-Orientation Discrimination

April 8, 2021


In Tarrant County College District v. Sims, No. 05-20-00351 (March 10, 2021), the Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas held that “claim[s] of discrimination based on sexual orientation may be brought under the Texas Commission on Human […]

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10 Women Leaders In Finance Shares What Is Required to Make the Industry More Gender-Balanced

December 26, 2019

Via: Entrepreneur

In the past, Wall Street and finance used to be an all-white “good ole boys club” akin to Mad Men. This has changed in recent years and great progress has been made. Despite this progress, we still have a lot […]

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Want to Create a Trans-Inclusive company? Invest in These 2 Things.

May 14, 2018

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Even as pop culture and mass media feature more and more transgender representation, the workplace remains a hotbed of discrimination. In a 2015 study, 30 percent of trans people reported being fired, denied a promotion or otherwise mistreated in the […]