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Minnesota Court Clarifies Standards for Severe or Pervasive Harassment

March 2, 2023


The Minnesota Supreme Court recently issued its first significant decision interpreting the state’s employment discrimination law, the Minnesota Human Rights Act (MHRA), in three years. In a ruling that will likely be hailed as a victory by employees and employers […]

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Arbitration Remains an Option in Sexual Harassment Cases

April 18, 2022


Arbitration instead of litigation remains an option for employees who allege sexual harassment, despite a recent law banning the enforcement of pre-dispute pacts for sexual-harassment and sexual-assault claims. While an employer can note that this is an option, it should […]

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First Amendment Protects Against Viewpoint Discrimination

October 13, 2021


A sheriff failed to demonstrate that his interest in maintaining an efficient workplace outweighed a sergeant’s free-speech interest in voicing political support for the sheriff’s re-election opponent. In the fall of 2017, the sheriff of the El Paso County Sheriff’s […]

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Going Beyond Compliance to End Workplace Harassment

July 30, 2020


Complying with anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws is a critical part of the job for managers and HR professionals. To create a positive workplace that is inclusive of all employees requires going beyond what is legally mandated. Leaders can help improve […]

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Bullying and sexual harassment ‘are rife in the legal profession,’ global survey finds

May 16, 2019

Via: ABA Journal

One in three female lawyers have been sexually harassed in a work context, while one in two women have experienced bullying in the workplace, according to a recently released global survey of nearly 7,000 lawyers in 135 countries. The numbers […]

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When It Comes to Harassment, Workplace Silence Doesn’t Mean Everything Is OK

July 20, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

In the last year, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have helped give a strong voice and support to those who’ve suffered sexual assault, harassment and bullying in workplaces at the hands of (usually white) men in power. Last October, the […]

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5 Best Strategies for Handling Workplace Bullying

November 21, 2016

Via: FindLaw

Schoolyard bullies grow up, graduate, and get jobs. And sometimes their bullying doesn’t stop once they’ve left school. Harassment, stalking, and other forms of bullying need to be a concern for small business owners, especially now that their employees are […]


Are Faceless Internet Hoards Beyond the Law?

February 26, 2016

Via: FindLaw

The Internet is a fickle beast. The collective power of just a tiny fraction of the Internet’s 3.2 billion users can make your cat famous in a minute, as it did with Grumpy Cat, whose net worth is estimated to […]