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Federal appeals court rejects challenge to Harvard’s affirmative action policy

November 12, 2020

Via: Jurist

The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit on Thursday rejected claims from a group representing Asian Americans arguing that Harvard’s affirmative action policy discriminated against them. Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) brought suit against Harvard in November 2014, […]

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Turning Law School Rankings Upside Down

June 26, 2018

Via: FindLaw

Ranking the ‘best’ law schools depends on who you ask. For example, if you ask U.S. News & World Report, the top law schools are Yale, Stanford, and Harvard. That’s based on 12 “measures of quality,” including peer assessment, GPA, […]

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Top law schools ask law firms to disclose arbitration agreements for summer associates

May 17, 2018

Via: ABA Journal

After an outcry that law schools, not students, should be responsible for asking law firms about mandatory arbitration agreements and nondisclosure provisions for summer associates, 14 of the country’s top law schools this week asked that firms participating in campus […]