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Ensuring Data Privacy in Genomic Medicine: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

June 26, 2023

Via: JD Supra

As the intersection of technology and healthcare becomes increasingly nuanced, the field of genomic medicine is rapidly evolving and expanding. Genomic medicine, or personalized medicine focusing on the data holding information on base sequence in an individual’s genome, uses an […]

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Hot Antitrust Enforcement Climate Reaches Private Equity

May 11, 2023

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Antitrust enforcement has been heating up over the last few years in several areas – notably in healthcare and labor. As the antitrust climate intensifies and spreads, private equity (PE) firms are starting to feel the heat, finding themselves the […]

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Washington Healthcare Update

April 24, 2023

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Debt Ceiling Text Released On April 19, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) unveiled the bill text of his proposal for raising the debt ceiling, cutting federal spending and negating some of President Biden’s priorities and initiatives. The Speaker plans to bring […]

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Healthcare Cyber Insurance? Fortify Your Defenses

July 6, 2022

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Healthcare breaches, including ransomware attacks, continue to increase. As a result, many healthcare organizations seeking cyber coverage to help defray the costs associated with a ransomware attack or other data incident may find that carriers have increased premiums, reduced coverage, […]

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Washington Healthcare Update | May 23, 2022

May 23, 2022

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Congress House House Passes Bill to Help the FDA Address the Infant Formula Shortage On May 18, the House passed a supplemental appropriations bill that would provide $28 million in emergency funding to help the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) […]

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Mission-Driven Companies Have an Advantage in the Great Resignation

April 4, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

Record-breaking “quit rates” defined the labor market in 2021, and about a quarter of the workforce is looking to change jobs in 2022. Despite this trend, my company has been able to retain top talent while making some extremely coveted […]

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Trauma-informed lawyering is crucial in obtaining medical benefits for healthcare workers with PTSD

September 20, 2021

Via: Law Times

Medical front liners are leaving the medical profession because of prolonged trauma caused by the coronavirus pandemic, says Rupa Karyampudi, a partner at MK Disability Lawyers LLP. Karyampudi says healthcare workers need more understanding and support in processing the “relentless” […]

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US Supreme Court to review abortion gag rule, rejects election challenge

February 23, 2021

Via: Jurist

The US Supreme Court granted review Monday in cases ranging from reproductive healthcare funding to the Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984 and also rejected a challenge to the 2020 election. The court granted review of three cases that it […]

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House Democrats release third coronavirus response bill

March 24, 2020

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US House Democrats on Monday announced their COVID-19 stimulus bill, which includes funding for election assistance, including 15 days of early voting and no excuse ballot by mail. The bill requires corporations to protect their workers’ wages and benefits, protects […]

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California governor signs bill to improve undocumented immigrant healthcare access

June 13, 2016

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California Governor Edmund Brown signed a bill into law on Friday that attempts to allow undocumented immigrants to purchase healthcare plans. The bill, SB 10, allows the healthcare exchanges set up in the state to seek a waiver from the […]

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Regulation Nation: What Industries Are Most Carefully Overseen?

February 9, 2016

Via: FindLaw Free Enterprise

All types of businesses are regulated to ensure that certain standards are met and that people are not harmed, or that if they are, there is legal recourse. But some industries tend to be more highly regulated than others, and […]