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Apple Spars With Privacy Group Over iPhone Tracking Tool

November 17, 2020

Via: Lawyer Monthly

Apple has received two complaints from a group founded by Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, alleging that a tracking tool used in the company’s iPhone line violates data collection laws in Europe. The complaints were filed by Austria-based group NOYB […]

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Supreme Court rules iPhone users may sue Apple for possible antitrust violations

May 13, 2019

Via: Jurist

The US Supreme Court on Monday affirmed a Ninth Circuit decision allowing a lawsuit against Apple for alleged anti-competitive practices to proceed. In 2011 a group of iPhone owners sued Apple, claiming that company’s App Store violated antitrust laws by […]

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Privacy Won’t Disappear Just Because Government Unlocked iPhone

March 31, 2016

Via: Entrepreneur

The American people should “absolutely” still have confidence in their personal privacy despite the government’s success in unlocking an Apple iPhone belonging to a shooter in the San Bernardino, Calif., killings, the White House said on Wednesday. Read More on […]

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US will still push for encryption workarounds, even though iPhone hearing was postponed

March 23, 2016

Via: Info World

Don’t expect the U.S. government to back off its push for technology vendors to build encryption workarounds into their products, even though the FBI acknowledged it may have a way to crack into an iPhone used in the San Bernardino, […]

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FBI calls off Apple courtroom battle, may have found a way to unlock shooter’s iPhone

March 22, 2016

Via: Info World

The FBI says it may have discovered a way to break into the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino mass shooters, and a federal judge has postponed a court hearing in the matter that was scheduled for Tuesday. […]

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DOJ says Apple is “not above the law,” moves to compel compliance with iPhone order

February 22, 2016

Via: ABA Journal Top Stories

Saying that Apple has repudiated a federal court order and made misleading statements about what the impact of compliance would be, federal prosecutors on Friday filed a motion to compel the company to unlock a killer’s iPhone. Apple is “not […]

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Tim Cook Opposes Federal Order to Unlock iPhones

February 19, 2016

Via: FindLaw

Tim Cook, CEO and leader of Apple, has drawn a line in the sand, declaring that his company does not have and ought not create a skeleton key that would give the company access to iPhones. There has been mounting […]