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Afternoon Briefs: These law schools are best for BigLaw placement; paralegal claims quarantine led to firing

March 19, 2021

Via: ABA Journal

Go-to law schools are named Columbia Law School is once again in the top spot on’s list of go-to law schools. The list ranks law schools that send the highest percentage of new grads to the largest 100 law […]

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Top law schools ask law firms to disclose arbitration agreements for summer associates

May 17, 2018

Via: ABA Journal

After an outcry that law schools, not students, should be responsible for asking law firms about mandatory arbitration agreements and nondisclosure provisions for summer associates, 14 of the country’s top law schools this week asked that firms participating in campus […]

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New 2-year law program will get grads to job market quicker, save them tuition costs

July 13, 2016

Via: ABA Journal

Albany Law School has announced a two-year JD program, which shaves a year’s worth of tuition off the price. The 24-month program is scheduled to start in January 2017, according to the school’s website. It includes two summer terms, and […]

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Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center gets new name after $15 million donation

July 6, 2016

Via: ABA Journal

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School is getting a $15 million donation from Michael R. Klein, who received an LLM from the school. It has been renamed the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, […]

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Why law schools need to teach more than the law to thrive (or survive)

June 23, 2016

Via: ABA Journal

The ongoing discussion on the future of legal education all too often misses the opportunities for innovation and re-invention. In its most recent discussion of the topic, for example, the New York Times highlighted the impact of declining applications (down […]

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Is law school a ‘fruitful choice’? Pay boost for JDs suggests a benefit, study says

June 22, 2016

Via: ABA Journal

The New York Times is taking another look at the value of law school after critics said its story highlighting the struggles of Valparaiso law school grads had ignored some bright spots in the statistics. The latest New York Times […]

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Was law school worth it? Only 20% of recent grads strongly agree

March 25, 2016

Via: ABA Journal

A pilot study of law graduates from seven law schools quantifies the decline in satisfaction with the decision to go to law school. The pilot study (PDF) found that only 38 percent of recent grads said they had a “good […]

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These law schools had the highest percentage of employed students not using their degrees

February 5, 2016

Via: ABA Journal

Two law schools in Puerto Rico top a list of schools that produced the largest percentage of graduates who aren’t using their law degrees in their jobs. The schools were ranked based on the percentage of their employed grads who […]