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Investing Inheritance: Creating a Cycle of Wealth

December 13, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

Securing your financial security is a colossal task. People are prioritizing the safety of their funds as inflation rises and federal interest rates seem to fluctuate daily. It’s a to-do that doesn’t only affect yourself — it also influences future […]

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Pump-and-Dump Definition

January 13, 2022

Via: Investopedia

Pump-and-dump is a manipulative scheme that attempts to boost the price of a stock or security through fake recommendations. These recommendations are based on false, misleading, or greatly exaggerated statements. The perpetrators of a pump-and-dump scheme already have an established […]

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Delisting Definition

September 27, 2021

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How Delisting Works Companies must meet specific guidelines, called “listing standards,” before they can be listed on an exchange. Each exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), establishes its own set of rules and regulations for listings. Companies […]