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And Justice for All – Tax Refunds for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment Victims

November 7, 2022

Via: JD Supra

The media has filled the airwaves with stories of sexual harassment and abuse in every corner of American Society. The media itself has been the perpetrator of many of these claims. On average, there are 463,634 victims (age 12 or […]

Tax Code, Regulations and Guidance

Could pot companies get more favorable tax treatment?

October 11, 2022


CLEARING UP THE HAZE ON TAX DEDUCTIONS: President Joe Biden made some big news on marijuana policy last week — and worry not, there is a tax angle or two. Biden’s move to offer pardons to thousands of people with […]

Tax Code, Regulations and Guidance

Tax Treatment of Carried Interests Not Likely to Change This Year

August 11, 2022

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Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado tells the story of Ko-Ko, a tailor and guardian of a beautiful young woman named Yum-Yum, who also is Ko-Ko’s fiancée. Ko-Ko was sentenced to death for flirting but avoided his sentence by getting himself named […]

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A Guide To Tax Treatments of Roth IRA Distributions

June 13, 2022

Via: Investopedia

The Roth IRA has many benefits compared to the traditional IRA. Distributions from traditional IRAs, for example, are generally treated as ordinary income and may be subject to income tax. Distributions from traditional IRAs may also be subject to an early distribution penalty […]