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Tax Code, Regulations and Guidance

Expensing and loopholes: Gaming out what’s next for the Democrats’ tax plans

August 1, 2022


THERE’S THAT WORD AGAIN: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) had a clear message while making the Sunday show rounds — the new corporate minimum tax isn’t raising taxes, really. Instead, it’s just closing a loophole that allows big corporations to pay […]

Tax Code, Regulations and Guidance

Working through the Child Tax Credit

October 18, 2021


LET’S TALK CHILD TAX CREDIT: Democrats are still widely expected to extend the monthly child allowances they enacted this year and started sending out over the summer, as part of their larger tax-and-spend package. But there are still plenty of […]

Business Law & Regulations, Employment & Labor

NLRB General Counsel Calls for Changes in Board Agenda

August 19, 2021


On Aug. 12, in her first memo as National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) general counsel, Jennifer Abruzzo presented an agenda full of recommended changes for the board. We’ve gathered articles on the news from SHRM Online and other trusted outlets. […]

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17 state AGs urge Biden to cancel student debt

February 22, 2021

Via: Jurist

Attorneys general from 17 US states sent a letter to congressional leaders Friday expressing support for a student loan debt forgiveness program up to $50,000. The letter, spearheaded by Maura Healey of Massachusetts and Letitia James of New York, is […]

Tax Code, Regulations and Guidance

Is a Financial Transaction Tax Coming?

September 20, 2016

Via: Investopedia

The Democrats are considering adding a tax into their political platform aimed at financial transactions. This tax will be levied on certain types of securities sales that are perceived to be a threat to market stability. The Democrats will go […]