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The Politics of Regulation Intrude on Fed Succession

August 18, 2021

Via: The Wall Street Journal

If the Federal Reserve’s management of the economy were all that mattered, Chairman Jerome Powell would probably be cruising toward reappointment. His response to the pandemic and focus on full employment have drawn bipartisan praise. But the Fed is also […]

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Federal Reserve announces new measure to combat economic losses

March 23, 2020

Via: Jurist

The Federal Reserve announced on Monday it is taking several steps to enhance access to credit and liquidity for consumers, municipalities, and small and large businesses. In its statement, the Federal Reserve said, “While great uncertainty remains, it has become […]

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Can Your Business Refuse to Accept Pennies?

March 20, 2017

Via: FindLaw

If your business conducts cash transactions, you’ve probably had to wait for countless customers to count out exact change to the very last penny. You may have even had plenty of customers pay an entire bill in loose change. While […]

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Did Fed Interest Rate Hike Ignore Small Business?

March 8, 2017

Via: FindLaw

The fact that the Federal Reserve Bank raised a key interest rate last month could be considered a positive sign. Is this an indication that the Great Recession really is behind us and that there is economic prosperity ahead? That […]

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Feds Give Employers Guidance on Form I-9 Audits

January 6, 2016

Via: FindLaw

Two major federal government agencies last month issued new guidance for employers on handling employment eligibility verifications for immigration purposes. The guidance highlights the Catch-22 employers face trying to comply with immigration law. Employers are required to check prospective employees’ […]