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3 Trends Happening to Fintech That You Should Know About

June 20, 2019

Via: Entrepreneur

We are now over a decade into the third era of finTtech innovation, which grew out of the fallout from the 2008 global financial crisis and the advent of the smartphone. With record amounts of investment flowing into the sector […]

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28 Best Small Business Marketing Ideas From the Pros

June 21, 2018

Via: Fit Small Business

With tight budgets and limited time, small businesses often struggle to stand out against their competition. However, with a little innovation and some creative thinking, these folks have come up with some pretty inspiring ways to market their businesses. Here […]

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Why Your Business Beliefs Are More Important Than Your Business Plan

May 17, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

Do not spend more time working on your business plan than you do actually working on your business. A business plan is important, and you should take the time to make one. Just know that your beliefs about business will […]

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How to Get More Clients: Top 25 Tips From the Pros

February 8, 2018

Via: Fit Small Business

Even if you offer quality products or services, there is no guarantee that your business will always get the sale. Competition is heavy in most industries and business owners need to have innovative ways to get more clients. If you’re […]

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To Make Investors Care About The Environment Show Them the Money!

June 2, 2016

Via: Entrepreneur

Often times, investors don’t appear to care about the environment. It seems they only care about the almighty dollar. Traditionally, the main priority of investors has only been financial return, meaning social and environmental impacts have played second fiddle, if at all. Entrepreneurs […]