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As some law grads prepare for an online bar exam, academic support experts offer advice

June 16, 2020

Most states planning remote bar exams because of the novel coronavirus pandemic have cut the dreaded multiple-choice multistate bar exam portion of the test. But that doesn’t mean that the test will be easier to pass, according to some academic support experts.

In fact, they advise test-takers to include the MBE study materials in bar prep, even if the bar that they plan to take has cut all multiple-choice questions.

“It’s a mechanism of testing your memorization,” says Goldie Pritchard, an adjunct professor and the director of the academic success program at the Michigan State University College of Law. “Are you able to connect the information to a new set of facts quickly? Do you truly understand the rule, or are you just able to regurgitate the rule statement and not make the connections?”

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