Expensing and loopholes: Gaming out what’s next for the Democrats’ tax plans

August 1, 2022

THERE’S THAT WORD AGAIN: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) had a clear message while making the Sunday show rounds — the new corporate minimum tax isn’t raising taxes, really. Instead, it’s just closing a loophole that allows big corporations to pay […]

Law firms are increasingly suing for unpaid legal fees, lawyers say

July 25, 2022

Law firms are filing more lawsuits seeking unpaid legal fees, despite the risk that they will face counterclaims for malpractice. has the story, which relies on information from several lawyers who advise other lawyers. “Litigation by law firms to recoup […]

Senate Reaches Compromise on Innovation and Competition Legislation

July 22, 2022

Via: LexBlog

Two months after Congress launched the Conference Committee on Bipartisan Innovation and Competition Legislation in May 2022, the Senate is nearing passage of a compromise “CHIPS Plus” bill.  Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) initiated a test vote for the bill on […]

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers vs. Google: Should Search Engines Fight Misinformation?

August 2, 2022

Via: FindLaw

If someone is pregnant but doesn’t want to be, they might take to the internet to look for abortion providers. It may also be jarring to discover that at least 11% of Google’s abortion-related searches lead to anti-abortion nonprofits. In […]

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NYC Pay Transparency Law May Result in Pay Compression

August 1, 2022


New York City’s Wage Transparency Law takes effect Nov. 1, and employers—including businesses outside the city with job ads for remote work—are realizing one of the unintended outcomes of complying with the law may be pay compression. The New York […]

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New DC Law Protects Marijuana Users from Adverse Employment Actions

July 26, 2022

Via: JD Supra

Washington, D.C., employers will soon be prohibited from disciplining, terminating or refusing to hire individuals based on marijuana use or a positive marijuana test. The Cannabis Employment Protections Amendment Act of 2022 will take effect on July 13, 2023, or […]