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Where’s a tax bill stand among Senate to-dos?

April 1, 2024


Here’s another obstacle to add to the list for the bipartisan tax bill — the Senate’s to-do list. Our colleagues at Inside Congress recently ran down how they expected the Senate to use its expected 15 weeks of floor time […]

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Senate Reaches Compromise on Innovation and Competition Legislation

July 22, 2022

Via: LexBlog

Two months after Congress launched the Conference Committee on Bipartisan Innovation and Competition Legislation in May 2022, the Senate is nearing passage of a compromise “CHIPS Plus” bill.  Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) initiated a test vote for the bill on […]

Tax Code, Regulations and Guidance

Senate confirms Trump’s 200th judicial appointee

June 25, 2020

Via: Jurist

The US Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s 200th judicial appointee Wednesday, marking a milestone for Trump’s impact on the federal judiciary. By a vote of 52-48, the Senate approved the appointment of Judge Cory Wilson from Mississippi. Wilson previously served […]

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Oregon governor signs law to eliminate coal from power supply

March 14, 2016

Via: Jurist

Oregon Governor Kate Brown on Friday signed a bill into law making Oregon the first state to remove coal from its power supply. Senate Bill 1547 not only not only requires the elimination of coal fired resources but also creates […]