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Tax Code, Regulations and Guidance

Florida Joins California in Adopting Ethical Guidelines for Attorney’s Use of Generative AI

February 7, 2024

Via: JD Supra

The Florida State Bar recently adopted an advisory opinion meant to provide attorneys with guidance on how to use generative artificial intelligence (“GenAI”) without running afoul of ethics rules. In doing so, Florida becomes one of the first state bars […]

Tax Code, Regulations and Guidance

What to Expect in Evolving U.S. Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in 2024

December 7, 2023

Via: National Law Review

While consensus on the precise approach to artificial intelligence (AI) regulation in the U.S. remains elusive, canaries in the coal mine are calling for more comprehensive federal regulation and legislation, mainly to protect privacy. Some states have taken the lead […]

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Generative AI in the Workplace: Proceed with Caution

July 13, 2023

Via: JD Supra

The pace of innovation is astounding—jarring, really. Sure, “Artificial Intelligence” has been a topic of public conversation for decades. Many of us remember when Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997, and when AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol at […]