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5 Top Cutting-Edge Legal Technologies You Can Start Using Today

November 29, 2016

Via: FindLaw

When it comes to technology and the law, the future might not be here yet, but it’s on its way. Despite the legal industry’s reputation as a cautious adopter of innovative technology, some lawyers are starting to take steps towards […]

Advertising & Marketing, Business Law & Regulations

How Are Law Firms Using Legal Tech Anyway?

April 5, 2016

Via: FindLaw

Legal tech promises to make the industry quicker, more agile, more efficient. You can take in clients online, have your AI-robots handle their simplest matters, even mine your email data to determine how happy they are with your services. But […]


How Will Blockchain Technology Change the Practice of Law?

February 8, 2016

Via: FindLaw

The blockchain is the technology behind “cryptocurrencies” like Bitcoin and it could quickly make its way into the legal tech sphere. No, don’t worry, blockchains aren’t another “robots will replace lawyers” fad. Nor are they another way to ease your […]