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Synthetic Data May Be The Solution to AI Privacy Concerns

July 27, 2021

Via: National Law Review

AI is hungry for data. Training and testing the machine-learning tools to perform desired tasks consumes huge lakes of data. More data often means better AI. Yet gathering this data, especially data concerning people’s behavior and transactions, can be risky. […]

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3 Powerful Uses of Machine Learning in Marketing

August 26, 2019

Via: Entrepreneur

We’ve entered an era in which marketeres are being bombarded by volumes of data about consumer preferences. In theory, all of this information should make grouping users and creating relevant content easier, but that’s not always the case. Generally, the […]

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Brands That Use AI To Enhance Marketing

June 5, 2018

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

The customer experience (CX) technology toolbox has evolved quite dramatically over the past decade. Marketers in particular have expanded the technology capabilities they use to manage customer journeys across all channels (e.g. web, email and social media). Specifically, findings from […]