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Ordinary Income Definition

January 6, 2022

Via: Investopedia

What Is Ordinary Income? Ordinary income is any type of income earned by an organization or an individual that is taxable at ordinary rates. It includes (but is not limited to) wages, salaries, tips, bonuses, commissions, rents, royalties, short-term capital […]

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An In-House Counsel’s Guide To Better Work Management

February 19, 2021

Via: Law360

Corporate law departments have been facing two related, but sometimes conflicting, trends: the need for them to become a strategic partner to the overall business and an increased pressure to do more with less. With the continued economic uncertainty resulting […]

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4 Ways to Make Value Creation Core to Your Business

April 19, 2019

Via: Entrepreneur

Judging from the news and what policymakers say, entrepreneurs are in the business of creating jobs. And, in fact, recent research confirms that entrepreneurs do indeed create jobs. But as anyone who has ever started a business knows, creating jobs […]

Business Law & Regulations, Employment & Labor

How to Listen to Your Employees Better so You Can Improve Your Business

January 4, 2019

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Years ago, I was in a business where we were shipping product constantly to get things out on time: “Get the stuff out the door so we can make revenue and meet our quotas now.” With our Operational Excellence seemingly […]

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5 Ways New Entrepreneurs Can Ease Information Overload

July 5, 2016

Via: Entrepreneur

Have you ever heard the phrase, “drinking from a fire hose?” Well, that’s what it’s like when you are a brand new entrepreneur. Not only are you inundated with information and how-to’s, but you are also overwhelmed with everything you want to […]