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The MCAD’s New Guidance on the Massachusetts Parental Leave Act Aims to Provide Clarity on Its Continued Role in Providing Important Leave Entitlements to Massachusetts Employees

July 20, 2023

Via: National Law Review

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (the “MCAD”) recently issued updated guidance (here and here) on the Massachusetts Parental Leave Act (“MPLA”), signaling that the MPLA still plays an important role in the parental leave landscape in the Commonwealth. Enacted in […]

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Supporting Preparations for and Return from Parental Leave

September 8, 2022


Few life events are as transformative as parenthood, and the changes new parents experience can be overwhelming. To help in the transition to parenthood, the Duane Morris law firm has adopted a unique policy—the Ramp Down/Ramp Up Parental Leave Policy—so […]

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Etsy Fights Gender Bias With New Parental Leave Policy

March 16, 2016

Via: FindLaw

In order for parents and children to bond, they need time together, especially in the child’s early stages of life. With that in mind, Etsy has joined other employers in instituting a family leave policy that applies to mothers and […]