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2023 Privacy and Data Security Preview

January 23, 2023

Via: JD Supra

2022 proved to be an historic year for privacy and data security. Connecticut and Utah joined the list of states that have now passed comprehensive data privacy laws, bringing the total to five (5) states. For the first time, federal […]

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What Is Cybersecurity Insurance for Law Firms?

September 14, 2022

Via: National Law Review

As legal technology becomes more commonplace across the industry, legal clients expect their attorneys and law firms to not only have modern resources, but robust measures in place to protect their information. With cyber threats on the rise, it’s crucial […]

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Double Trouble: Why Organisations Need to Consider the Legal Consequences of Ransomware and DDoS Attacks

April 28, 2022

Via: LexBlog

Ransomware attacks are when a type of malware attempts to unlawfully encrypt files on a host computer system rendering them inaccessible and unusable (ICO). Victims of ransomware attacks are asked to pay, often in cryptocurrency, to have the data returned […]

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Worried about Ransomware? Ten Steps to Help Legal Counsel Understand and Mitigate the Risk

November 23, 2021

Via: JD Supra

Executive teams in the U.S. live in fear of a successful ransomware attack, and who can blame them? Attacks are both prevalent and evolving. Many attackers have shifted from encrypting data and locking up systems to also (or in the […]

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How to respond to ransomware threats

March 21, 2016

Via: Info World

Ransomware is obviously analogous to kidnapping, and dealing with the perpetrators can feel much like negotiating with a jumper standing on the edge of high-rise roof. The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology recently released a report that in part describes […]