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Is My ATV Street Legal?

July 15, 2021

Via: FindLaw

When you think of an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, you probably think of it as a buggy designed for rugged off-road use.

If you do, you are right. Increasingly, however, ATVs and similar vehicles are popping up on roadways that are traversed by cars and pickups. And the result, as you may expect, has been occasional conflict – and many questions about where ATVs can legally be driven.

So where can they be driven? Like so many activities in the U.S., it depends on where you live.

The sales of ATVs have skyrocketed since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, sales of ATVs in 2020 increased by a whopping 33.8% over 2019.

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