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Legal industry has 40,600 more jobs than a year ago

May 7, 2021

Via: ABA Journal

The legal services industry gained 3,800 jobs in April, according to seasonally adjusted numbers released Friday by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But the job hike is a drop in the bucket compared to the growth in jobs since April […]

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AI certification initiatives could prove very useful to legal industry, experts say

March 23, 2021

Via: ABA Journal

Artificial intelligence is supposed to be a countervailing force against human errors and biases. But AI-enhanced tools are only as good as the data they rely on. Take, for example, products that assist companies with recruiting, screening and hiring candidates. […]

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3 Newish Tech Start Ups Looking to Change the Legal Industry

February 15, 2016

Via: FindLaw

If you missed your flight to NYC for this year’s Legaltech New York conference, there’s no need to miss out on some of the legal innovations that were presented there. In one of the more interesting Legaltech events, nine startups […]